What it Takes to Write a Strong Research Paper Abstract: Free Advice

A research paper abstract is an important tool that is used by academics and the entire research community to quickly scan a short and concise description of a particular study. When it is well-written anyone looking up a study will trust and want to continue reading your work. Students don’t typically need to start writing an abstract until college, so if it’s completely new you should follow this free advice along with learning from a research paper sample abstract to get it done right:

  • Know the three basic components
    Abstracts are only about 150 – 250 words long and should be written in a straightforward manner that includes no indication of a personal opinion or theory. Simply put, stick with the facts and write clearly and concisely. The three basic components are: 1) the problem statement; 2) the methods or study approach; and 3) and the study’s implications. The work’s discipline will determine how much weight you afford each of the major components so be sure to check with your professor or with a published department sample for accuracy.
  • Characteristics of a great abstract
    As mentioned above, an abstract should only be less than 250 words long, but there are occasions where it will require multiple short paragraphs. Make sure these paragraphs are coherent and unified with logical transitions between the written information. Also, the content should mirror the flow and organization of the research paper exactly, so that anyone looking at the abstract will know where to look if he or she wants to head straight to a specific section within the larger document. Lastly, the abstract should avoid unnecessary or repetitive language; there is no need to repeat titles or subtitles. Just summarize the material as straightforward as possible.
  • Steps to writing a great abstract
    Always reread and highlight information within your research paper with the intention of abstracting material in a clear and concise way. It’s easy to take one or two of the most important sentences (usually at the beginning) from each major section. Then revise and edit as appropriate to keep your abstract within the recommended word limit. It cannot be repeated enough times – don’t simply copy and paste sentences from the main text, always rewrite content using different words.

As state above this free advice in combination with a well-written research paper abstract example should help you get through this requirement with relative ease. You can find them in printed article journals an even purchase custom-written samples from a professional service. But methods are effective, so it’s just a matter of personal choice. After a few attempts at writing your own abstract, it should become second nature and experience no problem with it at all.

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