12 Excellent Interesting Research Paper Topics for Middle School Students

Have you ever had to develop a research paper topic for one of your middle school courses and have found yourself staring at the ceiling desperately searching for some type of inspiration? It happens to a lot of students. And without a list of research paper topics for middle school for them to develop their ideas from, many of them simply skip the assignment and hope they can make up the grade at some later date. Don’t fall into this trap. We have come up with a great list of research paper examples for middle school you can use for :

  1. How is cyberbullying changing the landscape for how students interact with others while at school or at school sponsored events?
  2. Should convicted felons be compensated for having their stories told in televised dramas? What if their stories are depicted from a different perspective?
  3. Do you think that beauty contests are a benefit or a detriment towards society? What about in the cases of child or youth pageants?
  4. Who should maintain burial rights (e.g., rituals or locations) for the deceased victims of divorced couples? Should children have any say?
  5. How do certain negative television advertisements that depict bad habits (e.g., cigarettes or alcohol, etc.) be banned for the sake of people’s health?
  6. Does the state government health department have the right to impose abstinence programs to public schools but not interfere in private schools?
  7. What can the global community do to help starving villages in Africa? Is it incumbent upon the foreign governments to interfere at all?
  8. Do you think it’s a good idea to allow armed undercover passengers on airline flights? Do you think pilots should be armed as a last resort?
  9. Do you believe that global warming or climate change is a hoax? What evidence proves or disproves its existence?
  10. Why does the U.S. spend so much on the military when many of its cities and public schools are in a state of poverty?
  11. Will a war on marijuana ever gain steam while it remains in direct conflict with the states that have already decriminalized it in some way or another?
  12. If the United States were to engage a war with North Korea, how would its allies respond to the new and more aggressive administration?

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