A Collection Of 10 Amazing Essay Topics In Literature

There are numerous concepts to explore when you need help with writing essays in the field of literature. These points focus on many interesting aspects relating to literature and how many stories can be formed in special ways. Here are ten of the best options you can consider when you need help essay writing.

  1. Analyze the concept of faith in Elie Wiesel’s Night. Look into how the concept of faith evolves in the story and how the brutal treatment of Jews changes the attitudes that people have about their faiths.
  2. Look into the themes of escape and a desire to be in nature in Jon Krakauer’s Into the Wild. Notice how the human desires for being with nature are strong even as the wild becomes increasingly dangerous.
  3. Review Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness in terms of how Western civilizations often come out to foreign lands to take over sites held by native. See how the civilized lifestyles and nature of Western society might not be any more civilized than those of the indigenous people who are being taken over.
  4. Understand how race often plays a role in the justice system in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. Many custom essays look at how the concepts Lee introduced in the 1960s are still relevant to the justice system in the twenty-first century. Review how the concepts from the past compare with what people experience in today’s legal system.
  5. Alice Walker introduced many considerations relating to sexism and racism in her novel the Color Purple. Look at how Walker disrupts many of the traditional gender and sex roles that people had followed for years. The concept of gender and how it impacts society is often one of the best essay topics to explore as it is a very fluid and distinct concept.
  6. Arthur Conan Doyle brought many concepts about how society responds to various situations in his Sherlock Holmes stories. Look into his many stories to see how chaos, suspicion and bias are introduced and what causes these concepts to develop. This includes looking into how society responds to those issues.
  7. The struggle to go after one’s dreams was clearly explored in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. Write about how this story focuses on the issues that people hold as they try and move forward in their lives and go after their goals.
  8. Another John Steinbeck story used by a writing service that is especially dense with meaning is the Grapes of Wrath. Look into this story to understand the concepts of optimism in a difficult time. Review the story to see what causes people to feel negative about the world around them and how challenging it is to change one’s attitude or way of living.
  9. Look into the dependence that women often have on their men in Tennessee Williams’ a Streetcar Named Desire. A good essay writing prompt would be to analyze why women are willing to stay with their men even though they know those men are not always going to support or help them.
  10. The concept of time and history is clearly evident in William Goldman’s beloved novel the Princess Bride. Look at how the impact of time can influence what many people see in history and how the attitudes people hold towards history can change over time.

Many essay writers review their literature papers based on the great topics that are introduced. Be certain when writing your own essay that you plan the best possible topic by working with a unique and distinct story while focusing on one of the many concepts that may be introduced in that work.

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